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{  Paul + Kim  |  Terrebonne, OR  }

“How did I not know that this was here?!?” was my sentiment the first time I had my mind blown by Smith Rock. A family friend took us to the State Park entrance a few years ago and, only 45 minutes away from our annual summer vacation spot, I could barely get over the fact that we had never ventured even a tiny bit further to view this incredible place.

Amazingly enough, Paul and Kim hadn’t been to Smith Rock when we decided on this location and it was so fun to experience this day with them and their pups. We started out easy, because really you don’t need to leave the parking lot to get incredible photos, and then strapped on some tennis shoes for fancy photos at the base of misery ridge (the tennis shoes were cropped out, but trust me… it was a great look) 😉

I’m proud to say that after the photo session Kurt and I did indeed hike to the top of misery ridge, and the misery was totally worth the view. We met up with Kim and Paul afterwards for a small hike and ended up enjoying an unplanned lunch with them in Redmond (turns out the food carts are where its at!).


As we left for our cross-country move a few weeks ago, my husband quickly pulled our car off at Multnomah Falls on the way out of town. I’d like to say that it was my last ditch attempt to show Kurt just how incredible Oregon is, but truthfully, it was his idea.  28 years of living within a short distance of the falls and I had never been there (much to the GREAT dismay of my sister-in-law).  In my last 4 hours in Oregon, I again had one of those “how on earth have I never seen this?” moments, causing me to realize that I never really made being a “tourist” in my home state a priority.

I’m excited as my husband and I start our new life together in Ohio to explore the new terrain! There may not be “Smith Rocks” to gawk over, but we have history here! Houses and barns that are older than the state of Oregon, and hidden forested hikes that feel like home.

So heres to exploring, seeing new places, traveling to more states (since they are all jam packed together over here!) and learning to love mid-west beauty.

Enjoy these photos! They are some of my recent faves.




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